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Automated attack simulation solution

You want to automate the realization of attacks on your systems to save time and lower the costs of your assessment tests?

The PASSED tool offers you valuable benefits to reduce your Pentest times and accelerate the time to market for your products.

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Model and capitalize your attacks as a team, with profiles with different skills

Go beyond the simple vulnerability study file and demonstrate failed attacks in your assessment and certification files

Automate the realization of attacks and connect them into your continuous integration

Attack different technological vectors through our toolboxes with hardware adapters

Deploy the execution of the attack on different sites and remotely through our toolboxes to avoid the displacement of teams

Features of Passed

Build your library of attack scripts

  • Import your scripts written in Python language
  • Load metadata to fill in the input and output data format of the script

Build your attack trees

  • Create your own attack scenarios
  • Choose the target
  • Add input data
  • Each script retrieves the data collected by the previous scripts

View reports of your attacks

  • Exportable reports in JSON format
  • CVE, brute-forced passwords, user sessions ...


As experts in IT business cybersecurity, we have created the PASSED solution so that it is aimed at as many industries as possible. Thus, the fields of application of PASSED cover a wide range of specialties:

  • Automotive: ECU, TCU, IVI
  • Aeronautics: calculators
  • Space: computers, ground segment elements (servers)
  • Industry: PLCs, PLC, gateways

And more broadly:

  • SI Trades, servers
  • IT servers, cloud

Applicable from the web application to complex industrial systems

Accompanied by business toolboxes: CAN & CAN-FD, IP, Modbus, BacNet, EtherCAT, etc ...

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