About June

A DNA dedicated to the publishing of specialized software

Because you need the right tools to do a good job and there is no time to waste.

Cyber but not only ...

Cybersecurity is in the DNA of JUNE-FACTORY by the SCASSI group. So, it makes sense to offer effective tools without being a gas factory to deal with recurring cyber issues such as organizational or technical security compliance audits or the assessment of information systems and onboard components. But our objective is to harness the power of our AUDITOOL and PASSED products on other sectors of activity such as IT in general, the environment, energy, Retail, ... Why limit yourself in use?

IoT as an entry point for IT compromises

And this diversification begins with a mixed problem which is the security of IoT in order to prevent these so useful products from being the vectors of attacks in the coming years, whereas immense work has been done to secure the Information Systems of companies. We apply it concretely to construction machinery so that you have the certainty of integrating these components without risks for your business IS.

Client service

Our sense of service is the natural heritage of our consulting and engineering profession. What motivates us? That you realize on a daily basis that we are present with you on your difficulties by offering you all the necessary reactivity in the face of your difficulties by using our products.

Cybersec expertise

June cybersec factory is a company of the Scassi Group, a pure player in the cybersecurity of critical systems and IS Businesses.

As such, we create product lines and software cybersecure to help our clients automate and digitize their businesses, without jeopardizing the security of their information system.

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