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A solution complete to carry out your audits and

monitoring your maturity

 Interface d'Auditool'

From 700€ a year.

I am...

a professional auditor

a company that wishes to manage its compliance

I provide auditing services to my clients, I need a productivity tool to be more competitive and to manage my auditing activity.

How the Auditool works

Your audit notes automatically generate the deliverables.

For each requirement to be controlled, you report in dedicated sections the observation, a compliance score and the recommended remediation areas.


The objectives of Auditool

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Time saving: halving the average time spent on the audit report

Quality gain: better respected audit approach and standardized quality of reports

Continuous improvement: the results of your successive audits help you to capitalize on your audits.

The size and the sector of activity of my company oblige me to audit and to be audited regularly, in order to pilot my compliance and my maturity on various fields.

How the Auditool works

The results of your audits trigger compliance actions.

Audit your compliance level, pilot corrective actions and update your compliance status.


Control all your compliance risks.

Auditool allows you to evaluate the compliance rate of all standards that guarantee the continuity of your activities.

Computer security

Ensure compliance with your company's information systems security management policy

Example of repositories available in Auditool * : ISO 27001, ASVS


Ensure that your company's product and service quality management system standards are met.

Example of repositories available in Auditool * : ISO 9001, HACCP


Ensure compliance with regulatory standards specific to your business as well as your organisation's internal policy.

Example of repositories available in Auditool * : RGPD, PCI DSS

Involve all stakeholders in your actions with a compliance workflow

Internal control





Carry out your compliance audits

Plan your audits by compliance target and assess each control point of the audited standards

Store your audit evidence and automatically generate the audit report and action plan

Assign remediation tasks and organise your audit reviews

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Assess and manage compliance risks

Monitor the compliance rate of each audit and prioritise the correction of major non-conformities
Consolidate the results of different types of audits and monitor macro risks to the company
Use Auditool results as input for specific risk analysis tools

Develop a culture of compliance

Facilitate the planning of audits and audit reviews to remain compliant on an ongoing basis
Raise awareness and involve operational staff in compliance actions
Integrate compliance risks into the reading grid of the different business units
schema Auditool

I am...

a professional auditor

a company that wishes to manage its compliance

Connect your tools to Auditool

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Project management

Auditool allows you to assign remediation tasks resulting from the audit by name.

Audit reviews on the platform synchronize the status of tasks displayed in the project management tool (Asana or Jira).

Risk analysis

Auditool makes it possible to measure and report on the risk status of controlled standards.

At the end of an audit, export the audit recommendations to a cyber risk analysis tool (such as EBIOS) to create a repository of measures.

The essentials of a compliance management platform

Auditool is an operational platform that allows you to orchestrate your daily compliance activities and continuously monitor your company's level of exposure to internal and external factors.

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Facilitate audit, management and compliance work.

Import and annotation of repositories

Note-taking editor and scoring matrix

Automated audit report creation

Creation of action plan and allocation of corrective actions

Audit review process

Compliance dashboard

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Make sure you manage your compliance operations in a secure interface

Encrypted data, hosted in France

SaaS or On premise mode

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