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A simple tool to save time during your audits

Finally a tool to replace note taking in a spreadsheet, to pool your audit notes simply and to automatically generate your audit reports.

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The objectives of Auditool

Time saving: halving the average time spent on the audit report

Quality gain: better respected audit approach and standardized quality of reports

Continuous improvement: the results of your successive audits help you to capitalize on your audits.

Detailed features of Auditool

Before the audit

Creating, planning and tracking your audits has never been easier. An interface allows you to see at a glance the progress of your audits, and to consult them.
Adding your own standards via a simple Excel import and unlimited access to the standard bank already available in Auditool. Additional copyright subscriptions may be required depending on the standard.
Many standards have common requirements among themselves. Auditool takes care of fulfilling the requirements of the other standards for you. With an audit, you get an idea of the level of compliance of all similar standards.
Auditool stores past audits in the cloud, in OVH servers in France, to be sure nothing is lost. An On Premises version is also available for specific cases.

During the audit

Instant requirements keyword research lets you always enter data in the right place to limit post-audit work.
Entering text with layout, adding attachments and visuals, you are free and productive. In addition, the standard notes guide you through writing.
With one-click sectional filtering, the scope of the audit is reduced to what is necessary so as not to pollute note taking during the audit.
You can set up a team of auditors so that everyone can work independently, even offline. You can assign audit perimeters to each and establish an audit schedule. The pooling of your audit notes is transparent and automatic.

After the audit

Pooling of the notes of the different auditors, formatting of the audit report, summary of non-conformities, recommendations or even drafting of evaluation sheets: how much time will you waste? Auditool takes care of everything with one click and generates a complete and customizable report in seconds. For your live presentations, Auditool also generates a PowerPoint presentation that summarizes the results of the audit.
Follow-up of remedies following an audit. For each audit, it is possible to establish an action plan and perform audit reviews to verify the implementation of the action plan.
An audit on a standard A can use the results of a previous audit performed on a standard B, if A and B have common or similar requirements. Each audit gives an idea of the level of compliance of several standards at the same time, without additional charge.

Banque de référentiels disponibles dans Auditool : *

Organizational standards FR :

ISO 27001
ISO 27002
ANSSI hygiene & safety guide

Organizational standards EN :

Health Data Host
IEC 62443
ISO SAE 21434

Technical FR :

PHP code audit
Active Directory PENTEST
Active Directory ANSSI
Hyperviseur VMware ESXi ANSSI-CIS

Technical EN :

Sharepoint 2013 STIG
Windows 10 STIG
Windows Server 2012 CIS
Windows Server 2016 STIG

Nous continuons d'alimenter cette banque de référentiel en fonction des demandes de nos clients

Vous souhaitez importer un référentiel interne ou personnalisé? Aucun problème ! Auditool dispose d'une fonction d'import de référentiel

* Additional subscriptions for copyright may be required depending on the standard.

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